02/11/07 - St. Vincent's 26, St. John's 12
This set of photos taken by Camille Franicevich and Scott Henry captures our impressive performance against St. John' s at Kennilworth Junior High School gym.
Cody and Vince trap St. John's
Pat drives
Grant gets ready to attack the defense
Tom pivots and looks
Dante works the ball back up top.
A quick strategy adjustment
Grant lays one uop
JP hits the board
"Flash: JP"
Gimme that ball!
Teddy battles for a rebound
Grant Young
Joe prepares for a free throw.
Joe at the line.
St. Vincent's pushes down court.
JP boxing out.
Tom rotates to the point.
Teddy leaps for a rebound.
Cody sets the stack.
Joe slides to the low post.
Joe cuts for the in-bound pass.
Dante works it out to Joe.
Joe sets a pick for Pat.
Vince in triple threat position.
Vince pivots away and looks for JP.
Tom drives.
Grant at the point.
Teddy lays one up.
Joey Hustle!
Pat takes the point.
Tom setting a pick.
It's a final - Woo hoo!
Hey, who's got a license here?
Three guys enjoying our ride through the season.
"St. Vincent's!"
Cody on the ball.
Dante goes after the ball.
Grant drives.
Joe goes up through a foul.
JP and Dante say: Not in our house!
I'll take this, thank you!
Pat takes a jump shot.
Teddy puts the rebound back up.
JP snags a board.
Teddy's got this one.
Tom pivots and looks.
Vince shields the ball from the reaching defender.